Shipping and costs

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Delivery methods

We make the shipment by Poste Delivery by Poste Italiane,
it is the courier service of express delivery of the Italian State Mail
  • Each parcel is assigned a tracking number.
  • Delivery time 7-14 days depending on the region *
    * Delivery times stated by courier
  • Parcels are delivered to your home by courier
  • Maximum weight - 15kg
  • Maximum dimensions: the sum of the sides is not more than 225cm, the maximum length of one side is 150cm
Parcel weight
0 - 1kg
€ 43,00
1 - 3kg
€ 49,00
3 - 5kg
€ 60,00
5 - 10kg
€ 92,00
10 - 15kg
€ 130,00

*You can add the insurance at cost 5,68€, covered amount is 1.500€.


The prices for our services depend on the purchase method:

In case you buy on you own and need the parcel forwarding only, the tariffs are for orders by your own and valid for purchases made by yourself using the address of our Italian warehouse. Commission 0%.

In case you prefer we’ll buy for you, the tariffs are in column Orders by Italypoint. This service is suitable for beginner in online shopping, or in case the store does accept your credit card. Commission 6%.

Basic services More
Orders by your own Orders by Italypoint
Incoming parcel €5/each €0
Commission online order 0% 6% (min.€10)
Commission offline order --- 10% (min.€25)
Processing outcoming parcel €10/each €0
Packaging €5/each €5/each
Filling out custom declaration €0 €0

Additional services More
Orders by your own Orders by Italypoint
Foto (1 item) €1 €1
Removal of packaging (boxes, labels) €1/each €1/each
Return of items to the store** €10 + cost of shipping €10 + cost of shipping
Measurements of item €5/each €5/each
Any other requests (checking for defects, writing communication with seller, etc) €5/15’ (min.€5) €5/15’ (min.€5)

**For any reasons, the exception is the return of the item due to our mistake