• Orders
    • How to place an order through the website?

      To start ordering, you need to register on our website by entering your real data, which must match the data of the cardholder with which you plan to pay for purchases.

      After that, you will be taken to your personal account, where your personal Italian address will be indicated.

      Then you have two options: you make your purchase on your own in any stores shipping to Italy and register them in your personal account, or you can make us complete your order by filling out the order form in your personal account.

    • Where can I shop?

      On our website, the Stores section contains a selection of the most popular online stores in various categories.

    • How to make a purchase correctly?

      Making a purchase is very simple - all online stores are structured and work according to the same principle.

      First you need to place the item in your shopping cart, then complete the shipment by filling in your Italian address in the shipping address form and making the payment in a suitable way.

      Detailed instructions on the example of one of the stores can be found here.

    • What if the store does not accept my card for payment?

      In this case, you'd better place an order in your personal account for redemption with our help. We will redeem your goods and arrange delivery to our warehouse.

    • How long does it take to buy a product with ItalyPoint?

      Redemption orders are processed by us on a first come, first served basis. In any case, the repayment period does not exceed 2 days from the moment you pay for the order.

    • Can I match my order?

      Yes, at your request, we can make a reconciliation of the order for compliance with the invoice from the store (invoice),

      in order to make sure that all ordered items are available.

      The cost of the service is € 1/1 item.

    • Can I take measurements from things / shoes, I'm not sure about the dimensions?

      Yes, at your request we can measure the item / shoes. Service cost - € 2/1 item.

    • My order does not suit me, can I return the item to the store and make a refund?

      Yes, of course, we can return unsuitable goods to the store, the cost of the service will be € 10 + shipping cost to the store (if any).

      In case the order was redeemed with our help, the return cost will be: our commission 6% + shipping cost to the store (if any).

      Refunds are made free of charge if necessary due to our fault.

    • How can I change or delete my account?

      If you want to change or delete your account, please send a message from the email the account is registered with a request to info@italy-point.com, indicating in the letter your data (name, surname, account ID).

  • Parcels
    • What is the maximum weight of a parcel that we can forward to you?

      Maximum parcel weight - 15kg

    • What are the maximum dimensions for parcels and parcels?

      Max. dimensions for parcels - the sum of 3 sides - 225cm, the longest side - no more than 150cm

      Max. dimensions for parcels - the sum of 3 sides - 90cm, the longest side - no more than 60cm

    • What is the maximum duty-free shipping cost?

      IN CHINA

      Single-transaction amount is 5,000 RMB ($727 USD)
      Yearly amount of cross-border purchases is 26,000 RMB ($3,782 USD)

      Within these limits, customers won’t pay any import tariffs, and will have their import VAT and consumer tax collected at 70% of the statutory taxable amount.

      IN USA

      Amount free of duties and taxes is $800 imported by one person on one day


      Amount free of duties and taxes is $1000 AUD imported by one person on one day


      Please, consult this page in order to check your country limits

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