How itworks

You buy your products on your own

After registering on our website, you will receive a virtual address - you can use it to order goods from any European stores, independently paying for purchases and delivery to our address on the stores' websites.

You make us purchase products for you

To do this, you just need to indicate in the order form links to goods on the websites of stores - then we will do everything ourselves: we will check all the links, if necessary, we will contact you to discuss the details. We will send you an confirmation for payment of goods and delivery to the warehouse.

The product arrives at our warehouse

When a product comes to us, we register and weigh it. We inform you that the goods have arrived and how much they weigh.

We combine products from different stores

You can continue shopping to send several items in one package. We will store the goods in our warehouse and when you ask we will send them as one package.

We send the goods to you

After collecting the parcel, we will ask you to fill out a purchase declaration and then pay for the parcel. Then we will send the goods to you and inform the postal track to track the delivery.

About us

We help to buy goods directly in Italy and throughout Europe online — we provide delivery of goods to our warehouse in Italy and then to customers in Russia, the CIS countries and around the world.

We are located in Novara, a 30 minute drive from Milan and Malpensa airport.
How we work

What kind ofproblems do we solve?

With Italy Point, the entire European market opens up in front of you

  • The store doesn't send products to your country

    You recieve a virtual address in Italy which can be used to order purchases.

  • Saving on shopping

    With our service, you can shop from anywhere in EU, saving on travel costs.

  • Savings on delivery

    You can combine orders into one package and pay for delivery 1 time only.

Why us

  • Years of experience

    We have been working in the field of logistics and transportation for more than 10 years

  • Reliability

    Our warehouse is equipped with video surveillance and alarms - you don't have to worry about the safety of your purchases.

  • Customer support

    We don't just provide a virtual address - you can entrust your purchases to us by simply sending links to products. In addition, we can verify purchases and communicate with stores on your behalf.

With whatgoods do we work